Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Solidarity with the Polish communists


Communist and Workers’ Parties that participated in the International Meeting of the Communist and Workers’ Parties in Athens, denounce the escalation of the ongoing anticommunist campaign against the Communist Party of Poland carried out by the authorities of the country.
The anticommunist trial against the CP of Poland continues on December 7th. The Polish authorities, supported by the EU, continue for nearly 3 years the trial against cadres and members of the CP of Poland and the editorial committee of Brzask magazine, proceeding even with investigations in the houses of cadres of the Party. They are threatened with 2 years of imprisonment.
Following a request of the government, the working group of the Polish  Parliament suggested the change of the law in order to ban communist symbols, by despicably equalizing them with “fascist symbols”, falsifying the historical truth, offending the memory of the peoples. We highlight that the law in question was modified in 2009 as well, inserting a respective ban of the communist symbols, but because of the reactions it was cancelled in 2011 as it was regarded as unconstitutional.
This dangerous development takes place at the same time when the Constitutional Court of Poland (which is controlled by the Polish government) “is about to investigate” the issue of legality of the existence of the Communist Party of Poland, following a relative request of a specific reactionary organization.
This concerted operation by the Polish government and the EU shows their joint aim to set obstacles to the organized struggle of the communists and the people against capitalist barbarity.
Anticommunism and intimidation of the Polish communists will not pass.
Stop now all the persecutions and bans against the CP of Poland.
We call on to an International Day of Mobilisation and Solidarity with the Polish communists on December 3rd outside of the Polish embassies in our countries.

1.            Communist Party of Albania
2.            Algierian Party for Democracy and Socialism
3.            Communist Party of Argentina
4.            Communist Party of Australia
5.            Communist Party of Austria
6.            Democratic Progresive Tribune, Bahrain
7.            Communist Party of Bangladesh
8.            Communist Party of Belarus
9.            Communist Party of Belgium
10.         Communist Party of Bolivia
11.         Communist Party of Brazil
12.         Brazilian Communist Party
13.         Communist Party of Britain
14.         New Communist Party of Britain
15.         Communist Party of Bulgaria
16.         Party of the Bulgarian Communists
17.         Communist Party of Canada
18.         Socialist Workers' Party of Croatia
19.         Communist Party of Cuba
20.         Progressive Party of the Working People – AKEL, Cyprus
21.         Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia
22.         Communist Party in Denmark
23.         Force of the Revolution, Dominican Republic
24.         Communist Party of Ecuador
25.         Communist Party of Estonia
26.         Communist Party of Finland
27.         German Communist Party
28.         Communist Party of Greece
29.         Hungarian Workers' Party
30.         Communist Party of India
31.         Communist Party of India (Marxist)
32.         Tudeh Party of Iran
33.         Communist Party of Iraq
34.         Communist Party of Kurdistan – Iraq
35.         Communist Party of Ireland
36.         Workers Party of Ireland
37.         Communist Party of Israel
38.         Communist Party, Italy
39.         Italian Communist Party
40.         Jordanian Communist Party
41.         Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan
42.         Party of the Communists of Kyrgyzstan
43.         Lao's Peoples' Revolutionary Party
44.         Socialist Party of Latvia
45.         Lebanese Communist Party
46.         Socialist Party, Lithuania
47.         Communist Party of Luxemburg
48.         Communist Party of Macedonia
49.         Party of the Congress for the Independence of Madagascar
50.         Communist Party of Malta
51.         Communist Party of Mexico
52.         Nepal Communist Party
53.         New Communist Party of Netherlands
54.         Communist Party of Norway
55.         Palestinian Communist Party
56.         Palestinian Peoples' Party
57.         Communist Party of Pakistan
58.         Paraguayan Communist Party
59.         Portuguese Communist Party
60.         Romanian Socialist Party
61.         Communist Party of the Russian Federation
62.         Russian Communist Workers Party
63.         Communist Party of Soviet Union
64.         Communists of Serbia
65.         New Communist Party of Yugoslavia
66.         Communist Party of Slovakia
67.         South African Communist Party
68.         Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain
69.         Communist Party of Sri Lanka
70.         Sudanese Communist Party
71.         Communist Party of Swaziland
72.         Communist Party of Sweden
73.         Syrian Communist Party
74.         Communist Party of Turkey
75.         Labour Party (EMEP), Turkey
76.         Communist Party of Ukraine
77.         Union of Communists of Ukraine
78.         Communist Party USA
79.         Communist Party of Venezuela

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