Monday, December 17, 2018

Hands off the Communist Party of Ukraine!

20th International meeting of Communist and Workers Parties
joint statement 

The Parties -- members of the XX International Meeting of Communist and Workers' Parties express its support to the Communist Party of Ukraine and demands that the Ukrainian authorities immediately stop persecution and terror against Party members, stop persecution of dissent, falsification of history and glorification of Nazi collaborators from the OUN-UPA, divisions and battalions of the Wehrmacht and the SS.
After the armed coup d'état in 2014 fabricated criminal cases were lodged against the Communist Party and the Communists of Ukraine, the Party was excluded from participation at the elections and is subject to a court trial aimed to ban it.
For almost five years searches of the offices of the Communist Party, attacks on its members and supporters are ongoing only because of the oppositional position of the CPU against the power.
The parties-members of the XX International Meeting of Communist and Workers' Parties call on the Communist and workers' parties of the world to urge national governments and parliaments to stop supporting the Nazi militarists of Ukraine,to push the ruling regime of Ukraine to stop the conflict in the East of Ukraine,to stop police and gang violence against Communists and dissidents and glorification of Nazi collaborators.

Athens November 2018

  1. Party of Labour of Austria
  2. Communist Party of Belgium
  3. Brazilian Communist Party
  4. New Communist Party of Britain
  5. AKEL, Cyprus
  6. Communist Party in Denmark
  7. Communist Party of Estonia
  8. Communist Party of Finland
  9. French Communist Party
  10. Unified Communist Party of Georgia
  11. Communist Party of Greece
  12. Tudeh Party of Iran
  13. The Worker's Party of Ireland
  14. Hungarian Workers' Party
  15. Socialist Party, Lithuania
  16. Communist Party of Malta
  17. Communist Party of Mexico
  18. Communist Party of Norway
  19. Communist Party of Pakistan
  20. Palestinian Communist Party
  21. Palestinian People's Party
  22. Paraguayan Communist Party
  23. Portuguese Communist Party
  24. Romanian Socialist Party
  25. Communist Party of the Russian Federation
  26. UCP-CPSU
  27. New Communist Party of Yugoslavia
  28. Communists of Serbia
  29. Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain
  30. Communist Party of Sri Lanka                             
  31. Communist Party of Swaziland
  32. Sudanese Communist Party
  33. Communist Party of Ukraine
  34. Communist Party USA

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