Wednesday, July 23, 2014

For the freedom and reunification of Cyprus

Declaration of Solidarity of Communist, Workers and progressive parties for the freedom and reunification of Cyprus, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the coup and the Turkish invasion and occupation

- Recalling that forty years ago, in July 1974, the Junta of Athens together with the fascist EOKA B’ procceded to execute ​​a coup d’etat against the elected President of the Republic of Cyprus, Archbishop Makarios III,

- Recalling that Turkey took advantage of the coup d’etat to realise its expansionist ambitions in Cyprus, illegally invading the island and that until today Turkey is flagrantly violating International Law through the continuing occupation of 37% of the territory of the Republic of Cyprus, the violation of human rights and freedoms of the people of Cyprus, the ongoing attempt to alter the demographic character of the island through the policy of mass colonization,

- Recalling that the twin crime of the coup d’etat and invasion was drawn up and elaborated by the U.S. and NATO aiming at the partition and “double enosis” of Cyprus between Greece and Turkey, who were both members of NATO,

- Noting that after 40 years Cyprus is still experiencing the tragic consequences of the Turkish invasion and occupation,

- Reiterating that the Cyprus problem is in essence an international problem of invasion and illegal occupation, in violation of fundamental principles of International Law and the Charter of the United Nations,

- Noting that Cyprus also has an internal aspect, the restoration of the relations between the two communities of Cyprus, Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot,

The Communist, Workers and progressive parties who sign the Declaration,

  1. Denounce the intransigent policy of Turkey and the Turkish Cypriot leadership, a policy that perpetuates the Cyprus problem and consolidates the partitionist faits accomplis on the ground,
  2. Declare that the tolerance shown by the international community towards the continuing illegality taking place for 40 years in Cyprus is unacceptable and must end immediately,
  3. Demand the solution of the Cyprus problem as soon as possible on the basis of International Law and the resolutions of the UN Security Council. The solution must restore human rights and freedoms within the framework of a bi-communal, bi-zonal federation with political equality, as defined by the relevant UN resolutions,
  4. Demand lasting peace that will in practise allow the reunification, independence and freedom of the people of Cyprus as a whole,
  5. Call for the immediate verification of the fate of the missing persons of the Cyprus tragedy,
  6. Express their full solidarity and support to the just struggle of the Cypriot people.

SolidNet Parties

1.    Communist Party of Bangladesh
2.    Communist Party Wallonia-Brussels, Belgium
3.    Communist Party of Britain
4.    New Communist Party of Britain
5.    Progressive Party of the Working People – AKEL
6.    Communist Party in Denmark
7.    Unified Communist Party of Georgia (UCPG)
8.    German Communist Party (DKP)
9.    Communist Party of Greece (KKE)
10.    Communist Party of Finland
11.    French Communist Party (PCF)
12.    Hungarian Workers' Party
13.    Communist Party of India (CPI)
14.    Tudeh Party of Iran
15.    Iraqi Communist Party
16.    Workers Party of Ireland
17.    Party of the Italian Communists
18.    Party of the Communist Refoundation
19.    Lebanese Communist Party
20.    Communist Party of Luxembourg (KPL)
21.    Communist Party of Mexico
22.    Philippine Communist Party
23.    Portuguese Communist Party (PCP)
24.    Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF)
25.    South African Communist Party (SACP)
26.    Syrian Communist Party
27.    Communist Party of USA
28.    Communist Party of Venezuela

Other Parties

1.    The Left (Die Linke)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Joint statement on Palestine

The massacre at the expense of the people of Palestine must end now

We, the communist and workers’ parties which sign this Joint Statement condemn the barbaric and criminal assault of the state of Israel against the Palestinian people.
We  express our full solidarity with the people of Palestine and we call on the workers all over the world to mobilize in order to strengthen the wave of condemnation against Israel, in order for solidarity with the Palestinian people to be expressed in a practical way.
The USA also bears an enormous responsibility for these bloody developments, which is supporting Israel in every way in the continuation of the oppression and massacre of the Palestinian people.
The EU also bears responsibility, as it follows the line of keeping an “equal distance” between the victim and the persecutor and is simultaneously developing cooperation with Israel at a military and economic-political level.
The communist and workers’ parties that sign this statement demand:
  • That the crime against the Palestinian people be condemned.
  • The continuing air raids against the Palestinian people must cease immediately and  a ground offensive must be prevented.
  • The Israeli occupation armies must withdraw.
  • The immediate liberation of all political prisoners from the Israeli prisons.
  • The tearing down of the unacceptable wall of division and the lifting of every form of blockade against the Palestinians in Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.
  • The immediate end to the settlements and the withdrawal of all the settlers that have settled beyond the 1967 borders.
  • The right of return of all the Palestinian refugees to their homes, on the basis of the relevant UN decisions.
  • All joint military exercises and all the agreements of military cooperation with Israel must be cancelled.
  • A Palestinian state on the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

  1. Communist Party of Albania
  2. PADS, Algeria
  3. Communist Party of Australia
  4. Party of Labour of Austria
  5. Democratic Progessive Tribune, Bahrain
  6. Communist Party of Bangladesh
  7. Workers’ Party of Bangladesh
  8. Communist Workers’ Party of Belarus
  9. Workers' Party of Belgium
  10. Brazilian Communist Party
  11. Communist Party of Brazil
  12. Communist Party of Britain
  13. New Communist Party of Britain
  14. Communist Party of Canada
  15. Communist Party of Chile
  16. Socialist Workers’ Party of Croatia
  17. AKEL, Cyprus
  18. Communist Party of Bohemia and Morevia
  19. Communist Party in Denmark
  20. FARC-EP , PCCC
  21. Communist Party of Finland
  22. Pole of the Communist Revival in France
  23. Union of Revolutionary Communists in France
  24. Communist Party of Macedonia
  25. German Communist Party
  26. Communist Party of Greece
  27. Hungarian Workers’ Party
  28. Communist Party of India
  29. Communist Party of India (Marxist)
  30. Tudeh Party, Iran
  31. Communist Party of Ireland
  32. Workers' Party of Ireland
  33. Party of the Italian Communists
  34. Communist Party, Italy
  35. Jordanian Communist Party
  36. Communist Party of Luxembourg
  37. Communist Party of Mexico
  38. Popular Socialist Party – National Political Association, Mexico
  39. New Communist Party of Netherlands
  40. Communist Party of Norway
  41. Palestinian Communist Party
  42. Palestinian People’s Party
  43. Peruvian Communist Party
  44. Phillipine Communist Party (PKP-1930)
  45. Communist Party of Poland
  46. Portuguese Communist Party
  47. Communist Party of Romania
  48. Communist Party of the Russian Federation
  49. South African Communist Party
  50. Communist Workers’ Party of Russia
  51. New Communist Party of Yugoslavia, Serbia
  52. Party of the Communists of Serbia
  53. Communist Party of Slovakia
  54. Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain
  55. Party of the Communists of Catalonia, Spain
  56. Galizan People’s Union, Spain
  57. Sudanese Communist Party
  58. Communist Party of Sweden
  59. Communist Party, Sweden
  60. Syrian Communist Party
  61. Union of Communists of Ukraine