Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Solidarity with the people of Brazil

20th  International Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties

  Joint statement and appeal (PCB and PCdoB)

The Brazilian Communist Party - PCB - and the Communist Party of Brazil - PCdoB - greet all the communist and workers' parties and movements participating in the 20th IMCWP and present the comrades and fellows the following joint appeal: 

The new conjuncture in Brazil after the election of Jair Bolsonaro to the Presidency of the Republic brings concerns and requires that the revolutionary and leftist parties, social movements and progressive forces in general implement organized actions of resistance, solidarity and struggle against the threats of political setbacks, in various areas, intimidation and even aggression against militants and activists, which are characteristics of the fascist and reactionary elements that conform the political bloc supporting the new government. In the Congress, bills are being promoted to persecute the communist parties and ban the defense and dissemination of communism's ideals and symbols.  
It is necessary and urgent to form and consolidate a democratic and anti-fascist front, which was already kickstarted, in public demonstrations held throughout the campaign in the elections' second round, around the candidacy of Fernando Haddad. This front shall not only publicly denounce all and any type of aggression and bring the aggressors to justice, but also hold various actions to face the new political framework, on the streets and in the institutional field, promoting the solidarity between the forces that oppose the new government.  
This struggle requires, at this point in time, the solidarity and unity of action between the communist forces in Brazil and also the militant solidarity in the international realm. Therefore, the Brazilian Communist Party - PCB - and the Communist Party of Brazil - PCdoB - will act jointly and in solidarity in this struggle and ask that all the communist and workers' party participating in this 20th International Meeting be vigilant and mobilized for the militant support that the conjuncture demands. 

Athens, 24th of November, 2018

  1. Algerian Party for Democracy and Socialism
  2. Communist Party of Bangladesh
  3. Communist Party of Belgium
  4. Brazilian Communist Party - PCB
  5. Communist Party of Brazil – PcdoB
  6. New Communist Party of Britain
  7. AKEL, Cyprus
  8. Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia
  9. Communist Party in Denmark
  10. Communist Party of Estonia
  11. Communist Party of Finland
  12. French Communist Party
  13. Unified Communist Party of Georgia
  14. Hungarian Workers' Party
  15. Tudeh Party of Iran
  16. The Worker's Party of Ireland
  17. Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan
  18. Communist Party of Malta
  19. Communist Party of Norway
  20. Communist Party of Pakistan
  21. Palestinian Communist Party
  22. Palestinian People's Party
  23. Paraguayan Communist Party
  24. Portuguese Communist Party
  25. Romanian Socialist Party
  26. Communist Party of the Russian Federation
  27. Russian Communist Workers' Party ‐ Communist Party of Soviet Union (RCWP‐CPSU)
  28. Communist Party of the Soviet Union
  29. UCP-CPSU
  30. Communists of Serbia
  31. Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain
  32. Communist Party of Sri Lanka                             
  33. Communist Party of Swaziland
  34. Sudanese Communist Party
  35. Communist Party of Ukraine
  36. Communist Party USA

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