Monday, January 16, 2012

Bringing alive our illustrious past

image copyright South Wales Area NUM. Photography by Martin Shakesaft

The great mining communities have long gone – destroyed by a Tory government determined to abandon the British coal-fields in favour of imported coal and nuclear energy. But their memory lives on in the memories of the mineworkers and the  photos and mementos of their struggle.
 Back in 2009 Past Pixels was launched to make images of working class struggle more widely available to a newer generation. Over the past two years it has produced collections of greeting cards reflecting the struggle of the British mining community including snapshots of the epic miners’ strike of 1984/85 and a collection of NUM enamel badges. Now the company has issued a new set using images of banners from South Wales mining communities.
South Wales Area of the NUM has given permission for the reproduction of all the banners in their possession. The first four banners reproduced are from the South Wales Area of the NUM, Tower Lodge NUM, Maerdy Lodge NUM and the Maerdy Women’s Support Group.
Each card provides a short history of the banner and another photograph, often with the banner in use. A proportion of the income from sales will be donated to the South Wales Miners’ Benevolent Fund, a registered charity.
Past Pixel cards can be ordered online at or from an increasing number of retail outlets, including the Rhondda Heritage Park where both the Maerdy Lodge and Maerdy Women’s Support Group banners are currently on display. Further information about all the cards can also be obtained  by writing directly to: Past Pixels, PO Box 798, Worcester, WR4 4BW