Friday, August 31, 2018

No to another EU vote!

 The campaign to reverse the decision of the 2016 referendum on the European Union (EU) is now zeroing in on Labour Party conference in Liverpool in September.
Historically, the purpose of EU referendums is simply to get the public to endorse what has already been agreed by those who called them in the first place. If that fails the results are immediately questioned to back demands for reruns. This has been the chosen method of the Eurocracy to reverse decisions they didn’t like for many years.
The Europhiles in all the parliamentary parties, who see the ruling class’ interests best served by working hand-in-glove with Franco-German imperialism, began preparing the ground for another vote immediately after they lost the referendum in 2016.
The fifth column within the Labour Party is now working to mobilise the Europhiles within the Corbyn camp to join them in a concerted effort to commit Labour to a second referendum on EU membership. They say this is not a challenge to Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership and they claim that the ‘People’s Vote’ campaign now reflects the overwhelming wish of the electorate.
The Blairite backbenchers, who have made repeated attempts to unseat the Labour leader, began bleating for a second vote immediately after the referendum result was declared. And whilst the Corbyn leadership is committed to honouring the 2016 decision to leave the EU there are many within his own camp ready to sell out to the Europhiles.
Last week Labour’s shadow Brexit secretary, Sir Keir Starmer, said that a second referendum was possible, declaring that “all options should be on the table”. John McDonnell, Corbyn’s number two, was disturbingly ambiguous when he told the BBC that: “It is not Labour party policy to have another referendum. We respect the past referendum, But we recognise that, when the government comes forward with its proposals – if it does, I’m worried we might be in a no deal situation – but when the government comes forward with its proposals, parliament will decide the next step. So we’re not taking any options off the table when that debate happens.”
The Europhiles can count on social-democrats of all persuasions who believe that “Another Europe is Possible” and peddle the nonsense spread by left social-democrats, and revisionist circles that still pose as communists in some parts of Europe, who argue that the EU can be reformed to serve the interests of working people. They can also rely on the support of the dinosaurs in the trade union movement who claim that the anti−working class ‘directives’ and ‘rulings’ can be reversed.
For years the Blairites and the majority of the leaders of our unions have elevated the EU as an instrument for social progress and economic advance whilst turning a blind eye the bitter experience of the millions of unemployed workers forced onto the breadline in Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy by the austerity regime that Franco-German imperialism has imposed on the rest of Europe. They ignore the poverty that has forced millions of Poles and other workers from eastern Europe to seek work in Britain, France and Germany, and they say little about the anti-union legislation that is the backbone of the EU’s ‘Social Chapter’.
They say that the EU is becoming more representative through the authority of the European Parliament and establishment of regional autonomy. But the EU with its toothless parliament, ruritanian regional governments and farcical referendums that only count when the vote agrees with what has already been decided by the powers that be, hasn’t been reformed. Nor can it ever be under the Treaty of Rome. We voted to leave the EU in 2016. That’s what we must do.

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