Monday, July 08, 2019

Game of Drones

US imperialism will pay a heavy price if it dares to invade the Islamic Republic of Iran. The shooting down of a colossally expensive American spy-drone last week showed what Iran’s air-defences can do against the most sophisticated equipment in the imperialist arsenal. Whether that, in itself, will stay Donald Trump’s hand, or those of the war-mongers that surround him in the White House, remains to be seen.
Trump is an armchair general – a third-rate bully who believes that he can get what he wants through blockades, sanctions and threats. He stepped up the sanctions regime against Iran this week targeting Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and other senior officials in the Islamic Republic. He clearly thinks this will force them to do his bidding but he is much mistaken.
The Americans tried to colonise and partition Iraq after they overthrew the Saddam Hussein government in 2003. That failed. They tried to impose a puppet regime on Libya when they brought down the Gaddafi government in 2011. That didn’t work out either. They marked down Syria for ‘regime change’ soon after. The Syrian people and their popular front government put an end to that too.
Now Trump’s minions, along with Tony Blair and other lackeys of imperialism, are trying to impose a surrender peace on the Palestinian Arabs. It won’t happen.

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