Friday, September 07, 2018

Still on Track

Labour has opened up a four-point lead on the Conservatives in the latest opinion poll. This is despite the backstabbing of the Blairite fifth column who are working with the Zionist lobby and the rest of the bourgeois media to topple Jeremy Corbyn before the next election.
            A Survation poll puts Labour at 41 per cent, up from 40 per cent in July, and the Tories down one per cent to 37. UKIP are running neck and neck with the Liberal Democrats on six per cent while opinion was equally divided over whether to leave or remain in the European Union.
            What it shows is that the anti-Corbyn hate campaign has had no impact amongst the public –  apart from some of  Corbyn’s closest advisers who seem to believe that the best form of defence is retreat.
            The surrender to the Zionist camp over the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s definition of anti-semitism, which could easily be used to stifle all meaningful support for the Palestinian people, was endorsed by Jon Lansman, the Momentum chief who is seen as the √©minence grise of the Corbyn campaign.
            Some say that appeasement will end the endless internal rows and enable the Corbyn leadership to concentrate its fire on the Tories in the run-up to Brexit and the next election. But there was no reason to back down in the first place. The Blairites and Zionists are paper tigers. They represent no-one but themselves.
            Labour is ahead in the polls and it will win the next election if it sticks to its guns and pledges to honour the Brexit vote, end the austerity regime and implement the working class agenda that the unions and the masses are demanding.
 Off the rails

THE DEMAND for Britain’s railways to be taken back into public ownership reached a crescendo last month with passenger complaints over shoddy services and soaring prices peaking over the collapse of the Virgin Trains East Coast franchise and the  recent rail timetabling chaos concerning Northern Rail, Southern and Thameslink services. They have, once again, highlighted the shambles of our privatised rail network. But what is the Tory government’s response to the public outcry?
            Yet another “independent” review into rail franchising that has been rendered meaningless from the start because the Government has ruled out any restoration of  public ownership of the railways.
            Mick Cash, the leader of the RMT rail union says: "You don't need a body scanner to work out that this is just a transparent attempt by the Tories to try and kick the privatised chaos on Britain's train franchises into the long grass for a year. It won't work as it's clearly a desperate stunt by a Government clutching at straws which is ideologically opposed to the British people owning and running their railways.
            “The only solution to the current rail franchise shambles is an end to private greed and a return to public ownership. RMT will be stepping up the fight to kick the spivs off the tracks, the strategy for the future supported by 70 per cent of the British people. "
The privatisation and de-regulation of public transport has been a disaster. It has shattered the national rail network into lots of little bits and pieces, put bus services into the hands of numerous rival companies -- all jostling with each other for the lucrative routes -- and made it nigh on impossible to plan or integrate transport services locally and nationally.
Labour has pledged to return the railways to public ownership. Speed the day by campaigning to bring the May government down to force an election and the return of a Corbyn-led Labour government that will restore the public sector that we once enjoyed.

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