Thursday, April 26, 2018

European Communist Initiative meets in Brussels

by New Worker correspondent
Andy Brooks and Peter Hendy at the meeting
The New Communist Party took part in the annual meeting of the European Communist Initiative (ECI) that met in Brussels on 12th April. NCP leader Andy Brooks and Peter Hendy from the Central Committee took part in the extended plenum of the anti-European Union communist committee that reviewed the work of the ECI over the past 12 months.
Important initiatives had been taken such as the ECI in Berlin commemoration of the Great Antifascist Victory of the Peoples in Berlin as well as the recent EC! Solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian people Mission to occupied Palestine. On the basis of the complex developments in the sharpening of the competitions that aggravate the rivalries of imperialist war, the increasingly bellicose stance  of the US, NATO and the EU and the intensification of the anti-labour attack by capital,  the EU and its governments, a meaningful discussion was held and valuable experience was exchanged.
At the same time, a correspondingly ambitious programme of action was laid out. 

A plan of action over the next period was proposed that included:

·       The systematic monitoring of the development and intensification of the struggle against imperialist wars and interventions so that the struggle against NATO, the EU, foreign military bases, and the participation of the armed forces of our countries in missions abroad, will take on a mass character.
·       Preparation of actions against the NATO Summit in Brussels next July and a mass condemnation of the Common Security and Defence Policy of the EU.
·       An escalation in the struggle against anti-communism and the assessment of the possibilities of organising a joint event in 2018, where the historic contribution of the communist movement, the achievements and gains of socialism in the Soviet Union and the other socialist countries will be projected.
·       Creation of a plan to develop the work of the communists in the workers’ trade union movement, strengthening of our intervention in workplaces.
·       A continuation of internationalist solidarity with the Palestinian people and a mass condemnation of Israeli occupation.
·       Independent work and participation in the action of the class movement for Workers’ May Day.
·       Highlighting of contemporary popular needs for Health and Education.

On the basis of the proposals made by the parties of the Initiative and the positive discussion that took place, it was decided the European Communist Initiative would build relationships with communist parties outside of Europe with which, to one degree or another, there is agreement on the struggle against the EU,NATO and every imperialist union, and a convergence in ideological and political positions which have a clear orientation and struggle against capitalism and for a new socialist society. This can be done on the basis of the work of  many parties in the ECI that already have built and developed such relations with communist parties outside Europe.
Additionally, proposals were adopted by the Plenary for:

·       The organisation of a special meeting on the exchange of experience concerning the struggle of the communist parties in every country.
·       An event on the historic contribution of the communists, concerning important junctures in the class struggle in the century that passed and the projection of historical truth that is defended by communists.
·       Finally, it was decided that the composition of the Secretariat of the Initiative would remain the same which consists of the Communist Party of Greece, the Workers’ Party of Ireland, the Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain, the Communist Party Italy, the Socialist Party of Latvia, the Hungarian Workers’ Party, the Communist Party of Slovakia, the Communist Party of Sweden and the Communist Party of Turkey.

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