Thursday, August 24, 2017

Art and Peace in London

By New Worker correspondent
Londoners got a glimpse of contemporary Chinese art at an exhibition in the Mall Gallery in the heart of the capital last week. The exhibition showcased highlights from the Beijing International Art Biennale, including paintings in ink, watercolour and oil, as well as wood block prints and sculpture, all by renowned Chinese artists. They have been selected to be part of the Chinese Art World Tour to demonstrate the pursuit of peace through art, and to strengthen understanding and the exchange of ideas between the China Artists Association and groups of artists around the world.
Sino-European Arts, a London- and Hong Kong-based art consultancy and exhibition service, hosted the week-long exhibition. Managing Director Suzanna Mu said that she was really excited about presenting the exhibition. “The works include ink paintings, oil paintings, wood block prints, sculptures, watercolour paintings and mixed media, all by renowned Chinese artists. Collectively, they demonstrate the Chinese nation’s pursuit of peace through art from 2003 to 2015.”
At the opening ceremony,  Chinese Ambassador Liu Xiaoming, said: “For the first time, this exhibition brings to Britain contemporary Chinese art works that had been the highlights of the Beijing International Art Biennale exhibitions from 2003–2015. Under the theme of ‘Art and Peace’, this exhibition will be an art gala for building friendship and peace. It has three-fold significance.
“First, the art works represent the Chinese people's keen aspiration for peace.
“The Chinese are a peace-loving nation… For the Chinese nation, the pursuit of peace, concord and harmony is a way of life. It is in our blood and soul. It is at the heart of Chinese culture. And it is an unchanged theme for generations of Chinese artists.
 “The Art & Peace exhibition covers various kinds of artistic works, including ink painting, oil painting, wood block prints, sculptures, etc. These works showcase China's traditions and modernity, and the harmonious co-existence between man and the nature. They are meant to extol life and the nature, and to express the Chinese people's love and pursuit of peace.
“Second, today's event reflects the common wish of humanity for lasting peace in the world.
“When we look at the world today, we see peace remains unachieved in many regions. We see a complicated and changing international landscape. We see global problems propping up one after another. We see uncertainties and instabilities on the rise. It is against such a background that the {Art & Peace} exhibition is coming to London.
“Through a rich variety of artistic expressions, this exhibition emphasizes China's commitment to building a community of shared future for mankind.
“It conveys a profound reflection by Chinese artists and their aspiration for world peace and development. It is a worthwhile attempt at interpreting the tireless pursuit of humanity for lasting peace in the world.
“I believe that viewers visiting this exhibition will gain a deeper understanding about the value of peace, about the healing power of art, and about the importance for humanity to pursue and uphold peace together.
“Third, the event today adds new highlight to the broad cultural and people-to-people exchanges between China and Britain.
“This year marks the 45th anniversary of the Ambassadorial diplomatic ties between our two countries. It is also a year for consolidating the China–UK Golden Era. In such an important year we are very happy that the China Artists Association is bringing its finest collections to London. This exhibition and the seminar you are going to hold for academic exchanges will contribute to the overall China–UK cultural ties and people-to-people bond.
“They will promote the exchanges and mutual learning between Chinese and British artists, and help them build consensus.
“They will display the charm of the contemporary Chinese art to the British public.
“They will bridge the hearts of our two peoples and increase the friendship and mutual understanding.
“Finally, they will reinforce our joint efforts to build a world of harmony and a world of lasting peace.”

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