Saturday, September 22, 2012

Revolutionary Democracy

Revolutionary Democracy Vol XVII No 2, September 2011.
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By Ray Jones

Its been a long break but Revolutionary Democracy is back with its usual broad range of articles from India and around the world.
Near the beginning there is an in depth study of the Maruti Suzuki strike from the Workers' Unity Trade Union which sees it as opening up the possibility of a working class offensive against the anti-working class regime of capital.
Peoples' China gets several mentions including a document of a reception of a delegation from the Chinese Communist Party in Moscow in 1949 and details of China's foreign investment from the Information Office of the State Council of China.
Articles on Denmark's election results and the Breivik massacre in Norway give an insight into the politics of northern Europe.
The issue ends with culture in the form of poetry by the Cesar Vallejo from Peru.

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