Thursday, June 14, 2012

Joint statement in solidarity with the Communist Party of Greece

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Message of solidarity with the KKE
 The parties signing this statement believe that the struggle which is being waged by the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) is of extreme importance to all the peoples of Europe and the world, and for all the Communist Parties. This consistent struggle of the Greek communists against the EU and NATO, and their militant action aimed at making the capitalists, and not the working people, pay for the crisis, play a key role in the process of raising of the consciousness of the peoples of Europe and also worldwide. The bourgeoisie is disturbed because the KKE is not participating in the bourgeois governments, because it does not compromise with governments that, under conditions of capitalist crisis, will only serve to give a respite to the capitalist system so it can save time and maintain its barbarism against the people. The KKE has not been submitted, nor will be, to the interests of the bourgeoisie and that is why they are trying to create difficulties to the KKE in face of the June 17 elections. We are confident that the Greek working people will thwart this plan. Our parties, each in our own country, we promote a movement of solidarity with the struggle of the Greek working people and the KKE. The struggle of the KKE is also our struggle. The struggle of the working people, the self-employed, small and medium farmers and youth in Greece are also the struggle of our peoples, a struggle that, through the social and popular alliance, is not aimed at the salvation and perpetuation of capitalist barbarism, as is done from the reformist positions, but to overthrow the power of capital and building a society without exploitation, for the construction of socialism. 

 The Parties 

Communist Party of Australia

Communist Initiative of Austria

Belgian Workers Party (PTB)

Brazilian Communist Party (PCB)

Communist Party of Bohemia & Moravia

New Communist Party of Britain
 Communist Party in Denmark

Communist Party of Denmark

Communist Party of El Salvador 

Pole of the Communist Renaissance of France (PRCF)

Union of Revolutionary Communists of France (URCF)

Communist Workers Party of Finland

Communist Party of Honduras

Communist Workers Party of Hungary

Popular Left Communists-Communist Party of Italy (CSP-PC)

Popular Socialist Party of Mexico

Communist Party of México

Communist Party of the Philippines (PKP-1930)

Communist Party of the People's of Spain

Communist Party of Turkey

Communist Party of the Russian Federation

Socialist People's Front of Lithuania

Communist Party of Malta

Communist Party of Nepal (ML)

Communist Party of Pakistan

Communist Party of Palestine

Communist Party of Sweden (SKP)

Communist Party of Turkey

Communist Party of  Venezuela 

New Communist Party of Yugoslavia