Friday, October 28, 2011

The death of Gaddafi

THE IMPERIALISTS are celebrating the death of Colonel Gaddafi and well they might as they were the ones who killed him. The Libyan leader died in Sirte last week when the Nato-backed rebels stormed the last loyalist bastion on the Libyan coast.
            But there’ll be no victory parades in London, Paris, Washington or Rome. The imperialists are happy to leave that to their local pawns. Behind closed doors they squabble over who’s going to get the biggest cut of the spoils. But in public they close ranks as defenders of what they call “democracy” and “human rights”.
They claim to champion the “Arab Spring”. They believe that they can perpetuate imperialist domination of the oil-rich Arab world in alliance with the reactionary Muslim Brotherhood. They think they can continue to use the United Nations and the “human rights” gang as a smokescreen for their neo-colonial aggressions.
In public they uphold human rights and brand those who dare to stand up to them as “war criminals”.   Naturally they have hastened to assure us that they had no hand in the cold-blooded murder of the Libyan leader. And the rebels were happy to claim credit for killing the Libyan leader and to display Gaddafi’s body in public for days for the benefit of their gloating supporters. They’ve not been so open about the manner of his death.
 Contradictory stories from the rebel camp only seem to add credibility to at least one report that Gaddafi was wounded when his  retreating car convoy was hit by Nato aviation, including a US Predator drone and a French warplane, and then finished off by French commandos.
            The imperialists now believe that the Gaddafi’s death will end all resistance to the “National Transitional Government” (NTC) puppet regime that they’ve installed in Tripoli. That remains to be seen.
 At least one of Gaddafi’s sons, Saif al Islam, lives on ready to fight, and he has apparently been accepted by his tribal allies as leader. If reports that the loyalists have spirited away the country’s entire gold reserves are true they could sustain a continuing guerrilla war in the south for years to come.
That seems the most likely outcome as the rebels, who rely entirely on the might of Nato aviation, have consistently refused to negotiate with the loyalists to end the conflict. The rebels have promised “free elections” early next year but they can’t even agree on the formation of a provisional government.
This rag-bag of supporters of the old royal family, reactionary Muslim Brothers and Gaddafi turn-coats are united only in their hatred of Colonel Gaddafi and a lust for power that they believe they can get by serving imperialism. They would not have won one single battle without the support of Nato air-power and if the imperialist air-umbrella is withdrawn it is difficult to see how they could survive today.
Imperialist air power will doubtless be used again and again to impose puppet regimes in countries that the western powers seek to directly plunder. They will continue to look for more collaborators to do their dirty work. They still hope to maintain control over Iraq and Afghanistan even after the formal pull-out of their garrisons next year. Their greedy eyes have long focused on Syria and Iran and their forces are already fighting with the Kenyans in southern Somalia.
What does this say to the world? Well first of all it tells us that UN structures, in themselves, are useless in preserving peace and that the UN Security Council desperately needs to be reformed to ensure that it can never again be used to sanction another Iraq or Libyan-style invasion. Above all it tells us that Third World countries must ultimately rely on their own defence to preserve their independence.
Colonel Muammar Gaddafi ruled his country for 42 years. He used the oil wealth to create a prosperous modern society for the Libyan people and for the millions of African immigrants who went to his land to work. 
The Libyan leader, like Saddam Hussein before him, made many mistakes. But the biggest was to ever trust the word of imperialist leaders. Nothing in his life became him like the leaving it and Muammar Gaddafi will be remembered as an Arab leader who was ready to fight imperialist aggression to the end and go down guns blazing.