Thursday, March 10, 2011

Twenty Years Ago... the New Worker

If the Tories win the next general election they may implement a policy of pressurising nearly all of Britain’s schools to opt-out of local authority control within five years.
The confidential proposals are being considered for the Tory manifesto it was revealed last week.
They will give huge incentives to encourage schools to leave local authority control.
A member of the manifest working party said “The recommendation does not use the word compulsory but its effect will be the same.
“By the end of the next parliament the aim is to ensure there is hardly a school left under local authority control”.
A spokesman for the National Union of Teachers told the New Worker that already the Government is bringing enormous pressure on schools to opt-out.
The Government is severely restricting what local authorities can spend on schools while offering the schools the funding they desperately need if they will opt-out.

Reactionary politicians have formed a new centre party which will be ready to contest the Polish general elections set for this May.
Its programme will be based on Catholic social teaching and capitalism. The congress was welcomed by President Walesa and the Roman Catholic Bishops’ Conference.
The Catholic hierarchy made the ending of the country’s abortion laws a major issue in the forthcoming elections. A Bishop’s letter called for support of the abortion law reform bill which is now going through the country’s parliament.
It will provide for jail sentences of up to two years for doctors and accomplices who carry out abortions except in cases of pregnancies resulting from rape, incest or if an abortion is recommended on medical grounds.
The Bishops want to eliminate the exceptions. Under the former socialist government abortions were legal and according to recent opinion polls some 57 per cent want it to remain that way.