Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Victory of the Korean People

Statement from the New Communist Party of Britain

25th July 2009

On 27th July 1953 the guns fell silent on the Korean peninsula. US imperialism and its lackeys had been defeated. The Korean people, led by Kim Il Sung and the Workers Party of Korea, had preserved the independence of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and forced the greatest imperialist country in the world to the armistice table.
The heroism of the Korean People’s Army and the Korean people had beaten off the might of US imperialism and its satellites.
The imperialists had hoped to smash Korean socialism in 1950. Their legions believed that carpet bombing and terror would crush the spirit of the Korean revolution that had liberated the country from Japanese colonialism. They were proved wrong.
American imperialism. flying the false flag of the United Nations, believed that Democratic Korea could be isolated and crushed. But the socialist world rallied to assist the Korean people in their just struggle. The Korean people did not stand alone. The Chinese Volunteers and the assistance from the Soviet Union and the People’s Democracies of eastern Europe was a concrete demonstration of proletarian internationalism while the peace movement across the world, not least in Britain and the United States, exposed the crimes of the imperialists and mobilised world public opinion to end the war.
But the consequences of the Korean war remain unresolved. Though the Americans had pledged to end the partition of Korea to end the fighting Korea remains cruelly divided and the DPR Korea continues to be subjected to a US embargo in breach of international law.
Throughout his life Kim Il Sung worked tirelessly to fulfil the dream of the entire Korean nation for the peaceful re-unification of the country. His proposal for a reunified Confederal Democratic Republic of Koryo based on the principle of “one country/two systems” remains on the table. Korean leader Kim Jong Il has striven to normalise relations with the south Korean authorities to end tension on the peninsula and pave the way to reunification.
All these efforts have been thwarted by US imperialism that seeks to retain south Korea as a protectorate and military base as part of their efforts to dominate the region. Americans imperialism reneged on their commitments forcing the DPR Korea to resume its nuclear research. American imperialism stepped up its military threats and economic blockade forcing the DPR Korea to develop and test its own independent nuclear deterrent.
Now US imperialism stands isolated and exposed. The DPR Korea has stood firm breaking the diplomatic and economic embargo in the 1990s and the people have closed ranks around the Workers Party of Korea with renewed determination to defend their independence and socialist system.
Today communists throughout the world join their Korean comrades in reflection on the anniversary of the victory of the Fatherland Liberation War to pay tribute to the sacrifice made by the generations before us in the struggle for socialism and the emancipation of the working class.

Andy Brooks
General Secretary
New Communist Party of Britain