Thursday, March 19, 2009

Joint Statement of communist and workers parties in Europe

The Czech presidency of the EU, in the middle of a capitalist economic crisis, takes the initiative to organize a number of anticommunist events in order to bring in the forefront the attempt to equate communism with Nazism, to rewrite history and manipulate the consciences mainly of the young generations, with a view to the future rather than the past.
The intention, expressed within the EU (in countries where CP have been already outlawed), for the communism and the class struggle to be characterized as a crime, not only targets against the communists nor does it concern solely the EU countries.

The anticommunist hysteria that burst out a few years ago with the so-called “Memorandum” for the “need of international condemning of the crimes by totalitarian communist regimes” in the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly and goes on till nowadays is targeting to the working class as well as to the other popular strata”.
They want to strike the avant-garde of the popular movement and its struggle against the anti-popular plans and the attempt to place the burden of the world crisis on the workers’ shoulders. They want to eliminate the dispute of the exploitative system and the prospect of a just society, expressed by the ideology and the struggles of the communists. They intent to strike the forces of resistance and popular counterattack based on an anticommunist hysteria, lies and persecutions. They have announced new offences against Socialist Cuba and the peoples that resist imperialism.

We condemn these actions undertaken by the presidency of the EU and we call the peoples of Europe to react dynamically and condemn them massively.


The Parties

Workers' Party of Belgium
New Communist Party of Britain
Party of Bulgarian Communists
AKEL, Cyprus
Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia
Communist Party in Denmark
Communist Party of Estonia
Communist Party of Finland
Communist Party of Greece
Hungarian Communist Workers’ Party
Communist Party of Ireland
Workers' Party of Ireland
Party of the Italian Communists
Communist Party of Luxembourg
New Communist Party of the Netherlands (NCPN)
Communist Party of Norway
Communist Party of Poland
Portuguese Communist Party
Communist Party of the Russian Federation
Communist Workers Party of Russia-Party of Communists of Russia (RKRP-RPC)
Communist Party of Peoples of Spain
Communist Party of Sweden
Communist Party of Turkey