Thursday, January 18, 2007

Review: Revolutionary Democracy


by Ray Jones

Revolutionary Democracy, vol XII, no 2, September 2006. £3 plus 50p P&P from NCP Lit, PO Box 73, London SW11 2PQ. Cheques to New Worker.

AS USUAL Revolutionary Democracy has a broad selection of interesting articles.
Rajesh Tyagi argues forcibly for the essential role of the armed peasantry and workers in the Nepalese revolution in the context of making a sophisticated analysis of the present political situation in Nepal.
Yuri Yemelianov’s review of Yuri Zhukov’s book A Different Stalin is an interesting look into five important years of the Stalin period.
In his article on The Shanghai Political Economy Text Book, Rafael Martinez presents a critique of Chinese political economy in some depth which is well worth reading – although it’s not easy going.
Grover Furr’s brief note makes a telling point about communism and anti-Semitism.
There are often fascinating historical documents in this journal and this issue includes the record of discussions between Stalin and members of the Communist Party of India in February 1951. Stalin gives his advice on the stages of the prospective Indian revolution and the handling of its contradictions. While doing so he also gives a neat definition of terrorism.